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Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin Hair Treatment in Miami

If you're interested in booking a Free Keratin Hair Treatment Consultation at Miami's Best Hair Salon, Europa Hair Studio, call (305) 720-2277 now.

What is Keratin?

Keratin is a complex natural protein that makes up most of your hair structure, around 90%, while moisture makes up the rest. Keratin is responsible for giving your hair strength and resilience, while moisture is what makes it soft, flexible, and manageable. However, many factors like straightening, coloring, perming, blow-drying, sun damage, pollution, pool chemicals, and even brushing can damage your hair's keratin and moisture levels. When your hair is damaged, it can feel coarse, woolly, and look dull, with visible cracks, splits, and craters in your hair strands.

What is NanoKeratin?

NANOKERATIN by TANAGRA is a cutting-edge approach that uses a combination of keratin and Nanotechnology to restore cuticle damage in your hair by replacing its natural keratin that has been lost through chemical and heat usage. The system produces keratin Nanomolecules and turns them into a micro mist that is then brushed into your hair. The NANOKERATIN process reaches the flaws and fissures of strands, avoiding hyper conditioning and dry hair. The NANOKERATIN machine turns the keratin into a fine and powerful penetrating mist that can enter the damaged areas of your hair structure. The Nanomolecules are locked into your hair with another mist, forming permanent and insoluble keratin, just like natural keratin.

The repair is around 80% effective on the first application, 90% on the second, and 100% on the third. The NANOKERATIN system uses the same keratin protein found in your hair, but in its smallest size possible, which is then locked into your hair structure for permanent repair. The process starts with washing your hair with the TANAGRA Phase 1 deep cleansing shampoo and then drying it thoroughly. Keratin is then applied to your hair using the NANOKERATIN machine, which deposits keratin deep inside the strands of your hair. Your hair's moisture is then removed through a drying process, and a "seal and shine" treatment is misted onto your hair using the NANOKERATIN machine to lock in the keratin. This treatment gives incredible results, including increased length, elimination of frizz, stronger hair strands, extended color life, improved manageability and shine, and helps repair your hair from frequent coloring, perming, and straightening.


Overall Rating

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Marjorie Santander

Befin and her hair salon are the best in Miami! The attention they give you is 100%. They’re professional and on top of everything at all times! The best part is, they are so friendly! They treat you with so much kindness and make sure you achieve your perfect look!

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Vanessa Benitez

I always love how Bifen (the owner) does my hair! Been coming here since 2015 and she has always done amazing and books me right away. She specializes in highlights, balayages and blonde hair. The whole staff was super sweet and attentive. I love my hair! Thank you Bifen!

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Alissa Alfaya

I've been a customer at Europa for about 3 years now. Every time I've left happy with the quality work Bifen does. I have wavy hair that has been bleached, colored, and dyed dark. It's always been healthy thanks to the great product and dye used, which I can't say you can find everywhere. My boyfriend has an appointment upcoming for a haircut and I can't wait to update this review!

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Miguel Acevedo

I just wanted to say that once I got to the salon everyone was very welcoming. Bifen did a beautiful shade of natural brown on my hair, the color looks very shiny and beautiful. I’m so pleased with the service and I had I lot of compliments about my hair all my friends and family loved it. I recommend Europa Hair studio

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Elizabeth Gonzalez

Amazing salon, products they use is great, my hair came out very shine and beautiful! Cira is very good. I will recommend to everybody! Thank you!

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Dulce Garcia

The best hair salon in Miami!!! Staff is amazing, super nice. Owner, Bifen is very experienced & knowledgeable with hair and products. This salon uses the latest & best hair products. I had my hair cut, color & keratin treatment. My hair looks amazing !!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

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